Everything but the Cats

We talk about everything.
Well, almost everything.

Shut up and take me to the links.

Gage and DJ are childhood friends on a quest. We are going to talk about everything lots of things, and we're recording it for posterity!

For instance, did you know that the reason that nothing is faster than the speed of light isn't just because light is super duper fast? It's actually because light is moving at the universe's speed limit. Nothing is faster than light because light is moving at the maximum speed that anything can move!

Did you know that Twilight Imperium is a board game that plays 3-8 players and regularly lasts 8-12 hours? DJ just bought it, and he's excited to play it with his friends Sarah and Matthew.

As of October 18, 2023 when DJ's coding this site, we actually haven't mentioned those things in our podcast yet, but in our quest to talk about everything everything except for one specific thing, we will!

Do us a huge favor and follow along on our quest! You can find us everywhere at these specific links!

About the Boys

Gage grew up in Fort Scott, Kansas, where he wallowed in misery until one day, in sixth grade, he met DJ. Everything changed that day. Gage is a fan of video games, philosophy, shaving himself so he looks like one of those hypoallergenic cats grumpy house pets, and all things soccer! As a potential conflict of interest, it should be noted that Gage has a cat grumpy house pet.

DJ grew up moving all around the United States. He wallowed in misery until one day, in sixth grade, he met Gage. Everything changed that day. DJ loves board games, video games, and checking to make sure that one mole hasn't changed in size, shape, or color. He and his wife are expecting a boy (hopefully she'll get pregnant soon), and they have a dog friendly house pet.

About the Podcast

Here is a comprehensive list of things that we will probably talk about:

Here is a comprehensive list of things we will not talk about:

Tell me about the cats